Shopping on a Budget

As a newlywed, it is important to stay on a budget. Because of this, I have compiled a list of my own do's and don'ts when I get my goods.

1. Buy items you use daily in bulk
Chicken is a staple in my kitchen. I buy big frozen packs of it so I only have to buy it roughly once a month. Because it is frozen, I can keep it longer. It is typically cheaper than fresh chicken and still tastes great.

2. Only buy in bulk if you know you are going to use it all within the expiration date
I know this seems so simple, but stores that sell bulk items promote in a way that makes overspending very tempting. If you sample something keep in mind one bite is awesome, but it may not taste as good after 10 or 15 bites. If you try something new, buy it in smaller quantities the first time and make sure you'll eat enough of it.

3. Plan for dishes that use similar ingredients
There are so many fun and tasty dishes out there to try, but if you have to purchase unique and uncommon ingredients, you will most likely spend too much. If you are going to use kale in one dish, look up another dish that uses that leafy veggie!

4. Create a budget and stick to it
This can be challenging because each month brings new surprises and events that you just can't plan for. However, there is always a way to stick to your budget. If you have a monthly budget, figure out how much you can spend in a week. This keeps you on track throughout the month. Just think of it as a fun game and challenge yourself to do better every month! :)

5. Only use coupons you need
Coupons rock! At the same time, they can cause you to purchase items you don't need. Like tip#2, use coupons for items you use regularly. Freeze what you can't use that week.

6. Make a list
Plan the meals you are going to eat for the week (using tip #3), then make your shopping list according to your meal plan. Stores that have lots of discounts on fun snacks may not be the best place to shop. Choose a store that you know will keep you on budget. If you stick to the list, you will have the right amount of food in your house and will be less wasteful.

What are your tips?

From my tiny kitchen to yours!

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  1. Great tips... I've been shopping for 20+ years and who knew I could learn a few new tricks. I just used kale in a recipe and don't know what to do with the leftovers. Any suggestions?


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