Just Yell Louder (and other advice from 4th graders)

Thursday was my last day as a student teacher. It was a bittersweet day as I realized I had made it through a very large part of my education, but also that I am now no longer the "fun college kid that gets to come in and teach fun things".

As part of a thank you from my teacher and the students, all of the kids wrote a goodbye letter to me explaining things they liked about me and what I taught as well as advice for when I get my own classroom (please let that be this year!).

Throughout this school year I have been collecting hilarious quotes from my students, but these letters brought some of the best. This post is dedicated to my lovely fourth graders.

(Note: some spelling and punctuation have been fixed so you could understand what they said)

Dear Mrs. Zufelt,

"you were very nice to me. And it's funny when you roll your eyes."

"What advice I have for you. 1. Discipline kids if being bad. 2. If kids are good reward them. 3. Make sure to call parents if really bad. 4. Don't call parents if really good. 5 Give them a break."

The next two are from a student who apparently thinks yelling is the best way to handle students:
"Just for some pointers if they are yelling and screaming yell at them and say 'Stop or you will have detention'!!! One more thing before I make a new paragraph, tell them about us"

"If they yell at you yell at them. But don't push it too far, okay, try"

"I hope you have a huge classroom, lots of supplies, and a wonderful class just like us (good luck with that)"

This next bit of advice came from a "good" kid:
"Now, if you ever have bad kids in your class here's how to deal with it. Let the good kids do something fun when the bad kids do assignments"

"If you keep this note I know you will be the best teacher ever"

"When you become a teacher you have to do a art class using clay. I don't know why but kids like to play with clay"

"I still think it's really sad that you have to leave. But also good because your finishing college. But also sad because you'll be gone."

"I have some advice for you! I can give advice because you know I've been in school for five years."

"P.S. Kids can smell fear. Do not get scared like some teachers do. They get inside their heads and the teachers start to yell at them and lose their cool. Just do not get scared"

I'm not sure if that was advice or a warning

Finally, one of my students was very hard to reach. Throughout my time at this school I only saw him smile once (it broke my heart). I was sure that he probably did not even care that I was teaching him, but after I read his letter I realized that I was completely wrong about him.

"I will remember you for a long time. You will just be a good teacher so much. I can't change anything about you"

If this doesn't make you want to be a teacher, I don't know what could.


Happy Birthday to Us!

I did not want to be selfish and dedicate a post to myself for my birthday, so instead I am dedicating this post to my old roommate who happens to share the same birthday!  Happy Birthday to Melissa!

I honestly do not remember how we became friends.  In fact I have tried over the years to figure it out.  I remember some of the first times we hung out, but I have no recollection of an awkward beginning.  My first memory is just friendship. I think that's how it should be.

Together we have survived worksamples, finals week, heartbreaks, living in the same room, educator exams, road trips, Biblical Culture and Customs, did I mention worksamples (hmm... wonder what is consuming life right now).

It is a privilege to call Melissa one of my best friends... I pray that we end up living somewhere near each other.

I could not have asked for a better roommate or friend!

P.S.  She's going to marry that red head.  Won't they have cute children some day?


Subliminal Messaging

My birthday is in a week.  That's only 7 days from this very moment!  I don't know why, but I have been so excited about turning 22.  I really did not care much about 21, maybe it's because I was planning a wedding and was an RA with other things to think about.  This year is different.  I have made a point to make sure my husband knows that I am really looking forward to my birthday this year.  I don't ask for a lot... really, I just want to go to Cold Stone. Instead of just telling Jake this, I somehow decided I needed to send him subliminal messages.  Our conversations have looked a little like this:

It all started when  Jake asked me what I wanted for dinner. I told him, "Ice cream."

I have also resorted to Googling random pictures of Cold Stone ice cream while he is sitting next to me.  It's really terrible, I know.

This is my favorite. As we were driving to the store the other day we passed a lady eating a HUGE ice cream cone.  My eyes widened at the delicious site, and I quickly exclaimed to Jake (without thinking), "Wow, look at that lady eating that yummy ice cream cone! It must be her birthday."
"Subtle, Teesha."
"It just came out. I didn't even think about it before I spoke, I promise."

Maybe this post is yet another subliminal message... but who am I to know? I'm just the almost-birthday girl...

Ok.  This is getting out of hand.


You Should "Chai" This!

Ah... the sweet taste of Chai.  Even when I was in elementary schoool I loved to sip on this delectable drink.  Luckily, it provides me with something to order when my husband decides to go to Starbucks (I can't really drink coffee). I have grown to love it so foundly, that I decided to make my own iced version (adapted from Martha Stewart).

What you need:
  • 1 1/2 cup chai concetrate (Oregon Chai is my favorite... I'm kind of biased though, since I live here!)
  • 1 cup half and half (Don't judge.... I'm pretty sure Starbucks uses whole cream.  That's right!  It's not called "Chai Cream" because they use low-fat milk.  See, my recipe is getting healthier and healthier by the second!)
  • Cinnamon
  • 1 1/2 cups ice (you can add more later if you want it thicker)
What you do:
  • Add chai, half and half, ice, and a couple shakes of cinnamon to a blender.
  • Blend until the ice is in little bits and pieces.
  • Serve with extra cinnamon sprinkled on top or even whipped cream (personally, I think the whipped cream always tries to one-up the chai, and I just end up hating the whipped cream... so you might want to play it safe and leave your chai naked)

From my tiny kitchen to yours!
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