Create Your Own Wall Art

Jake and I have had a canvas and a bottle of red paint sitting in our apartment for about 5 months. We had fantastic ideas for it that we never had the courage or artistic abilities to pursue. I finally decided that I had the time and inspiration to create my own unique piece of art. My inspiration....

 Here are four easy steps to making your own very unique piece of art:

1. Chose a canvas that is a good size for your wall. You don't want it so small that it is barely noticeable, but you don't want something that will consume the wall.
2. Place blue painter's tape directly onto the canvas. Be creative! Try different angles or line them up. It's really up to you. (Note: Make sure the tape is firmly pressed onto the canvas so the paint does not leak under.)
3. Paint 2 or more coats onto the canvas. (Paint the sides as well. It will look more professional that way.)
4. After the paint has dried, peel off the tape and hang your new art on the wall. So easy!

Make this project your own. Paint in two or three colors instead of one!



  1. It's really fun and hard to mess up. Next time I'm going to use 2 colors!

  2. This is inspiring! I now have two different ideas going in my head.


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