A Little Sunshine

It's a gloomy day here. I grew up in a sunny little town, but have spent the past 5 years up in the rainy Pacific Northwest. While I do love living here, I often crave a little sunshine in my day. Because today is so dark and rainy, I thought we all could use a happy little post to give us a taste of Spring.

I wanted to add a pretty centerpiece to my table a couple months ago when my family came to stay. Here's a simple way to spruce up your floral centerpiece. (P.S. I found this idea on Pinterest)

Here's what you need:
-Bouquet of flowers (pick your favorite!)
-Clear Vase
-Lemons (1-2 depending on the size of your vase) You could even use limes if you were looking for a pop of green!

Here's what you do:
-Fill the vase a little under half-way with water.
-Place flowers with fresh-cut stems in the filled vase.
-Slice lemons into 1/4 inch slices
-Strategically place the lemon slices between the vase and the stems. *Note: This step may take some time as the lemons like to float to the top. The trick is to trap the lemons tightly between the stems and the vase.

Voila! You have a spruced up centerpiece that will brighten up your day!

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