Phyllo with Berries

My mom used to make a version of this when I was young. These phyllo shells are filled with tasty lemon pudding, fresh berries, and topped with cool whip. It's a lighter dessert, and is a great finish for any meal.

They go really well with Sangria's and the latest episode of the Bachelor.... But you didn't hear that from me.

Serves: Roughly 6

Time: Roughly 30 min with baking.

What you need:
-Phyllo Pastry shells or cups (I used Pepperidge Farm shells)
-Lemon pudding (make beforehand and stick in the fridge until ready)
-Berries of your choice. Fresh, frozen, mashed... you choose
-Cool Whip

What you do:
-Bake phyllo shells/cups as directed on box. Allow to cool.
-If using shells, remove the center to create a hole. Keep what you removed for the top.
-Spoon pudding into the bottom of the hole you created. (Add as much as you want)
-Place a cluster of berries on top of the pudding.
-Finish with a spoonful of cool whip.
-Top with the phyllo piece you scooped out.

It's that simple! Enjoy!

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