Smoothie Pick Me Up

I have a big sweet tooth. I do the best I can not to keep sweets in the house because I know I will eat them. Jake is much more controlled in this area than I am. If there's good ice cream in the house, I will want a bowl after every meal... Maybe even a bite after breakfast. (But I would never tell anyone that).

This smoothie is a great alternative for my sweet tooth. It's fresh, sweet, and refreshing!

Here's what you need: (roughly 2 smoothies)
-2 cups ice
-A big handful of blueberries
-About 5 whole strawberries
-Half a banana sliced
-1 to 1 1/2 cups yogurt (I used strawberry for this recipe, but vanilla is always good!)

Here's what you do:
-Place everything in a blender.
-Pulse the blender until everything is mixed and the ice is not chunky.
-Serve in cute cups with cute straws.

That's all it takes! You can make your own version by using/adding different fruits or different flavors of yogurt.


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