Chai Tea and Chinese Checkers

Today I had a great lunch with one of my best friends.  We have been friends since childhood.  It all started in first grade.  I spent extra time cleaning my room and made sure my mom made my favorite hamburger helper meal because I was going to have my first friend spend the night.  When I arrived at school I ran inside to find Chelsea to make sure she could still come over.  As we were talking we bent down to look at something on the floor.  Chelsea happened to move her head up very rapidly and smacked me straight in the nose.  Needless to say my cute white shirt didn't stay white.  While it may seem like our friendship started off on bad terms, our head-banging accident didn't keep us from spending every weekend alternating between each other's houses and convincing our parents we should spend the night even on a school night.
Every time I drink a chai tea, I think of Chelsea.  We used to drink chai tea and play Chinese checkers... we thought we were pretty cool and sophisticated back then.
Love Ya, Chels!

P.S. Don't judge our current appearances by these pictures... somehow I could only find the weird, awkward pictures.

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