Like a chicken with its head cut off

These words are all part of idioms.  This post is dedicated to the worksample that will consume my life for the next month.

So, if the posts are a little sparse... it's because my life is currently dedicated to a cute bunch of 4th graders who need to know everything there is about idioms. While my 4th graders might think I'm a little corny, I am enjoying finding an over the top idiom to use any chance I get.

Oh, and if you haven't see WORDLE, check it out. It's now or never! :)

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  1. I am just now realizing how often I speak in idioms. My class with 23 native spanish speakers are ALWAYS asking me "what does that mean Miss Hanson?" Today I told them I was going to try and "stump them" with a hard problem, and they had no idea what I meant. They thought I was going to STAMP them, haha. Just thought you might appreciate that one :)


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